Recently David and I headed over to Hollywood Studios to try out probably one of the most suggested quick service dining locations- ABC Commissary! It was our first time there and, spoiler alert, we were definitely impressed!

To be honest, I loved Hollywood Studios as a kid but as an adult haven’t always been the biggest fan. I think it’s just because of the seemingly never ending construction (although much of that is finally wrapping up in the next few months, woohoo!). Since we haven’t spent much time in the park, mostly get in, ride Toy Story Mania, maybe Tower or Rockin if there’s fastpasses, and high tail it outta there I haven’t had the chance to explore much of the dining. To be completely honest with you guys, ABC Commissary was only the second time in about 4 years that I’d eaten anything (besides a PB& J milkshake at 50’s Prime Time of course) in the park because I always head over to the Beach Club/ Boardwalk area for food instead!

Welp, that’s changing! ABC Commissary was not only a great quick service, but convinced me to give Hollywood Studios Dining more of a chance! We were very happy with the quality of the food but even more so with the portion sizes! ABC Commissary is a bit more expensive than we would normally expect to pay for quick service (we usually think of it as definitely sub $15 per person but this averaged more like $16 per person plus dessert/drinks!) but the portions were so generous that we didn’t mind.

The inside is an interesting place. It’s filled with these tall palm trees and feels very much like a conference center type place. Outside the building is a gorgeous pink color which we really liked and there’s absolutely tons of seating both inside and outside!

The standout of the meal was BY FAR the chocolate mousse. It was S O S O S O  G O O D. I know, I know, it’s chocolate mousse, but this was so perfectly creamy and chocolatey and sweet and the chocolate shavings on top. Ugh! Even if you don’t want a whole meal this snack is 110% worth a stop, especially if you’re gluten intolerant like me this needs to be on you must get list.

Okay so beyond the chocolate mousse, David and I also got the Southwest Burger with Pepper Jack, guac, bacon, tomato, and steak fries as well as the Mediterranean Salad with Salmon (you can get chicken or salmon) and both along with the mousse were gluten free!

A note on the salad, if you’re vegetarian for $9.99 the no-protein version of the salad is still a great deal. It’s a very large salad with lots of toppings and is overall really good! It’s got feta, olives, pepperoncini, and tomatoes. It’s served with hummus and pita chips but they gave me carrots instead of chips!

The salmon on top was good too! Not spectacular but I mean for quick service it was well cooked and had good flavor and the portions were SUPER generous! I honestly only finished maybe 2/3 of my meal and was stuffed!

The burger was also good, not incredible, not D-Luxe burger, but solid level good. The guac was on the side and we were glad for that because (as much as I am obsessed with all things avocado) it was better without it. It had a good level of cheesiness and we liked the bacon on it. The steak fries were solid as well. Honestly it’s not food to write home about but it’s solidly good and a quick service and allergy safe so I would definitely recommend it if you are in a pinch and need something.

Overall we thought meals at ABC Commissary are a great sort of back pocket card to keep in mind. If you’re in Hollywood and hungry it’s a solid meal with tons of gluten free safe options. However, the chocolate mousse is on another level, like, the you need to go to Hollywood FOR that chocolate mousse level- we certainly will be going back just for it (and maybe a round or two of Toy Story Mania!).

Have you tried ABC Commissary? What did you think?       

Sorry can’t resist, just one more picture of this amazingness haha!


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