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Recently my mom and I did one of those random “you know, we could just go, just do it” sort of adventure weekends to one of our favorite places on Earth. I hopped on a plane with a personal item (aka magically stuffed backpack) and David’s gigantic fluffy coat (a remnant from our Philly days), and hit the skies to head up to Ogunquit, Maine. I have so much to share from this trip but, since it’s, you know, me, I just had to start with food! Continue reading

Hey guys! Today I’m bringing you one of my most requested posts ever- a beginner’s guide to gluten free Walt Disney World! I get a lot of questions from people who recently learned about a gluten sensitivity or a family member did so I wanted to collect my top 5 just starting out must know tips for having the best gluten free vacation ever! Continue reading

Epcot has, over the last two decades, been putting more and more effort into festivals. The Flower Garden Festival, which started in 1993 (I had to look that up and was shocked that it was the first one!) happens every spring and the Food and Wine Festival, which started in 1995, happens every fall with the Festival of the Holidays/ Holidays around the World carrying us through the Christmas season. Last year, though, Disney started up a new festival to bridge the winter gap- the Festival of the Arts and guys, I’ll say it right now, it is without a doubt my FAVORITE Epcot festival! Continue reading

Guys this post has been in the works for a long time and I am so excited to finally bring it to you! Y’all know I have a little thing about coffee (by little I mean, you know, deep and abiding love) and the last few months I’ve been collecting some of the most interesting and delicious coffees all around Disney so I could bring you this list of the Best Coffee in Walt Disney World!

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Remember how a while back I mentioned this blog would be like 90% Disney and 10% other things, well today I’m bringing you one of those 10% posts with this review of Antojitos Mexican at Universal’s CityWalk! If you remember the last Universal post I did I talked about having some issues finding food in the parks but I’ve since learned that eating on CityWalk which is between the two parks opens up tons of great options for food so I’m hoping to bring more reviews of that area to the blog starting today! Continue reading