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Jambo everybody! Today I wanted to share one of my absolute favorite (gluten free) sneaky snack tips this one out of Animal Kingdom. I don’t know about you guys but sometimes I struggle to find breakfast, getting up early trying to get on some of the first busses of the day for park opening, you don’t always have time for a stop and sit breakfast and breakfasts in the park aren’t always easy to find especially for us gluten free/ special diet folks. That’s where the magic of Zuri’s Sweet Shop comes in! Continue reading

Hi friends! I am fresh off the plane from my first EVER trip to Disneyland and I am so excited to jump right into blogging all about my experience. I’m kicking things off today with a Cove Bar Gluten Free Review since it’s such an iconic, fun spot, but also highlights the unfortunate frustrations I had on this trip as a gluten intolerant guest.  Continue reading

Alright y’all, since our last post was a review (love-fest) of the Boardwalk hotel I wanted to double back to tell you about one of the reasons I love Boardwalk so much- the food and specifically THE ICE CREAM! Haha but seriously guys, Ample Hills Creamery at Disney’s Boardwalk Hotel is one of the crown jewels of the Disney snack world whether you’re gluten intolerant or not, here’s why! Continue reading

Being gluten intolerant, maybe I get a bit more excited about Sprinkles in Disney Springs than most. Sure you can get a great cupcake pretty much anywhere, but when you’re gluten intolerant that’s just not the case. Sprinkles, for gluten free folks like me, is a kind of life changing dessert experience. As much as I love Sprinkles food, though, Sprinkles itself is another story. Ready to hear more and get that sweet tooth reallllllyyyyy hungry? Let’s go then! Continue reading

Happy New Year everyone! I know your New Years resolutions are in full swing and for those of us who have health on their lists a few hundred words talking about just how delicious the most chocolatey thing in Disney is isn’t exactly helpful. You know what I say though? REWARDS! For the next few minutes consider this your reward for being so healthy when you’re not in Disney! Or just your reward for being awesome? Your reward for the bazillion Disney miles you log on every day of your trip? Pick your favorite and let’s dig in! Continue reading

Erin McKenna’s was both one of the highest highs and lowest lows of our most recent trip. Why? Well because it was some of the absolute most delicious food we ate but we didn’t have a chance to go back for seconds… or thirds… or fourths! We’ll never make that mistake again though! A tad dramatic you say? Well then, let me explain the miracle that is Erin McKenna’s gluten free & vegan bakery!

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