Hello everyone! I’m writing to you from a chair outside The Beach Club as an official Orlando local! How crazy is this?! We have so much content to share with new reviews, tips posts, and some other fun projects we’re working on so thank you for hanging with us this past crazy month as we threw everything on a truck and hit the road! Without further ado, here’s all about our celebration night at Narcoossee’s and, spoiler alert, we’re obsessed! Continue reading

Y’all I have found heaven and it’s conveniently located at the California Grill Brunch. How good is it? How good can a brunch possibly be? Let me tell you, at $80 per person this is one of the most expensive meals on Disney property AND in my honest opinion, they could charge more and I would STILL call it a good value. That’s right folks, it’s so good I would pay as much as a park ticket for this meal without batting an eyelash! Think that’s high praise? Just wait the love fest is only getting started! Continue reading

Hi again friends! It’s been a whirlwind of a summer and you guys sure are keeping us busy over in the shop but we’ve had a lot of Disney fun so far and have a lot more planned over the next two months that I can’t wait to share with you! First up is today’s Le Cellier Gluten Free Lunch Review and it’s one of my favorites! Continue reading

EDIT: I hope to post a new Yachtsman review in the next few months. Since becoming gluten intolerant I have been to Yachtsman about a half dozen times and all were fine until our most recent June 2017 trip where I was gluten contaminated and became very ill (I think they may have put bread on my cheese board and then simply taken it off when they saw the allergy note rather than making up a new plate because there seemed to be crumbs on the tray, I did’t say anything at the time and later wished I had). The restaurant did not take any steps to rectify the way this impacted our trip which was inconsistent with our usually excellent Disney experiences. Every other trip to Yachtsman has been without issue and it remains one of my favorite restaurants anywhere but I felt it was important to add this note to remind you if you have an allergy to always be cautious and don’t be afraid to double check!

Being the classic American Steakhouse that it is, filled with steaks, steaks, potatoes, and more steaks, Yachtsman makes it onto that rare but wonderful list where MORE dishes are naturally gluten free than gluten containing. But Yachstman is more than just some good meat and some good spuds, in fact, the most amazing dish of our last trip there turned out to not be meat-containing at all! Shocked? Confused? Skeptical, well then, read on and be amazed! Continue reading