Alright guys, I’m back today with what I think will go down as the most indecisive breakfast review in the history of ever because it’s been a month and I still can’t figure out what I thought about The Wave Breakfast Buffet at Disney’s Contemporary Resort!

The Wave is one of the few non-character breakfast buffets at Disney meaning it’s very cost effective coming in at a whole lot of food for just $24 per person (you can order a la carte from the menu too but most of what’s on the menu is on the buffet too so it makes a lot more sense to do the buffet). It’s located on the first floor of the Contemporary next to all the guest services desks, it’s quite a large restaurant and usually is easy to get reservations at.

This is more of a general positive haha but we really like getting meals on the monorail loop because they’re so easy to get to whether you’re driving or taking Disney transportation and they’re great for heading over to Magic Kingdom after your meal too!

However, being a large restaurant is one of the problems we had with it because the buffet line is not really well set up. There is only one line and because it’s located in a back room you can’t pop in and out of the stations you want, you just have to wait on what can be an extremely long line. When we went it actually took about 20 minutes to get through the buffet line! It was really frustrating and put a damper on our experience because no one in our party really wanted to go back up for a second plate and have to wait on the line again.

By the time we left the line had eventually died down but that’s mostly because it was getting late in the morning. Moral of the story: you’ll enjoy this place MUCH more if you go at the very start or very end of breakfast when you don’t have to wait on line!

Okay so the food! They have all the staple items- Mickey Waffles, bacon, sausage, etc.- but they also have some unique items like sweet potato pancakes (I’ve heard these used to be able to be made gluten friendly but that wasn’t an option when I went) and some fun looking fruit and yogurt parfaits (which the chef offered to make GF for me in the back by leaving off the granola).

I was really happy to see great fruit on the buffet like strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries! I love when buffets put what I call “the good fruit” out haha! They also had cheesy grits which were good (could have been cheesier but that’s just a general life truth for me), and a potato hash.

As usual the chef offered to bring things out from the back for me, I asked for the gluten free Mickey Waffles and was a bit sad that they only brought out 2 instead of the usual 3-4, I didn’t end up asking for more though but they tasted fine.

Overall we were pretty torn about The Wave. We really appreciate the quantity of food you can get for the price and the food did taste good, not great, not anything really special in our opinion, but standard level good. We also really like the location and it’s the only non-character buffet in the Magic Kingdom area so that’s a definite plus. At the same time we didn’t have a stellar experience between the length of the line and not quite the level of service we usually get in Disney. Every restaurant has it’s off days so it’s totally possible we really just went on an off day and normally the line isn’t bad and the service is usually great so I’m not totally decided about it yet. On the one hand I’d definitely be willing to give it another shot but the other hand there’s a whole lot of other breakfasts I know I love and other breakfasts I want to try before going back.